This was a participatory research project of Ministry of Health and its partners with funding support from DfID. The aim of the project was to oversee several studies in the health sector in order to identify and map out the variations and inequalities in geographical and financial access to healthcare services; and to develop a framework of potential action plan to address factors that contribute to these inequalities.


The assessment identified communities’ perception about health, disease burden, the services they received, constraints to the use of the services, coping strategies with respect to health, factors that promote health seeking behavior and ways to improve service delivery. CEDEP’s role in this research project was to train key staff drawn from each of the ten regions in participatory action research methodologies relevant to health studies and also to assist in the preparation, implementation, analysis and reporting of the research outcomes. One major outcome of this research was the establishment in each of the 10 regions, of a 5-member core team trained to lead participatory research.

DFID Health Office/Ministry of Health

1999- 2000

15 months

GH ¢30,000