The overall objective of the project was to reduce HIV and AIDS infection among the youth in Ghana who is considered as one of the most-at-risk groups. CEDEP’s role on this project was to equip the youth with Life Planning Skills and parents with Parent Child Communication Skills. CEDEP also managed the project funds and built community capacities’ to educate themselves about HIV and AIDS.


CEDEP implemented this project in 2 districts in the Upper West Region and 3 in Ashanti Region. These were intended to achieve behavioral change among the youth. The project used innovative ways of reaching the youth with messages. They included enter-educate (an acronym for entertainment education), which was a way of using indoor and outdoor games, drama and film shows to attract the youth to the education programmes. The project also featured a lot of advocacy work using the media (FM Stations, Newspapers and personal contacts) in their programmes.



3 years