National Poverty Reduction Project (NPRP)

The NPRP was a pilot project to reduce poverty implemented by the Government of Ghana with UNDP funding. It was piloted in 5 districts. In each district, an NGO facilitated the marketing, capacity building and community mobilization aspects. CEDEP facilitated that of the Juaboso-Bia District of the Western Region of Ghana. CEDEP’s role on the project was to help the communities and groups to identify, assess, cost and implement programmes and projects that met their felt needs. CEDEP worked in partnership with the Juaboso-Bia District Assembly to coordinate, monitor and evaluate the project activities.


CEDEP had the additional responsibility of training the district-level actors (District Assembly staff, Chiefs, Assembly persons) in Community Mobilization, Communication, Project Management, Financial Management and Leadership skills. Community Project Implementation Committees and productive groups were trained in Group Dynamics and Team Building, Conflict Management, Basic Accounting and Record Keeping, Marketing and Loan Management Skills.

Development Partner(s)
Government of Ghana, UNDP and Juaboso-Bia District Assembly


3 years