NaRMSIP Boafo Ye Na Project - Sustainable Livelihoods Project

CEDEP implemented two projects in the Kumasi peri-urban interface. The first- natural resource management implementation plan (NaRMSIP), which was plan preparation with the 12 peri-urban communities, was followed by the plan implementation project (also called Boafo Ye Na Project). The communities named the project BOAFO Yε NA– a popular phrase, meaning”Helpers are scarce”.


Under the project, about 570 (37% male and 63% female) members of the 12 communities were trained in grasscutter rearing, mushroom production, beekeeping, snail rearing and “alata” soap making. The trainees were given some financial assistance in the form of credit to enable them start off their new trades.

CEDEP’s role was to coordinate the implementation of the project (technical and financial). It had trained Community-Level Facilitators which it used to lead the community mobilization aspects.

Development Partner(s)

2001 -2005

4 years