Nkyinkyim Anti-Violence project

The Nkyinkyim Project was a national anti-violence project coordinated by Gender Studies and Human Rights Documentation Centre in partnership with CEDEP and three other development organisations. The main goal of the project was to promote respect for and protect the rights of women by tackling the pervasive problem of violence against women (VAW) and other related issues that contribute to their subordinate status in society.


Started as a pilot in one community, the project was replicated in three other communities in the Atwima Mponua District Assembly, where CEDEP innovatively reached out to people through a community-based group called the Community Based Anti-Violence Team (COMBAT). The COMBAT encouraged community ownership of the change process because all COMBAT members came from the community and were selected by the communities. Key on the activities list were capacity building for the CAMBAT on relevant topical issues in human rights, care and support services for victims, counseling , community sensitization as well as community/COMABT reflections on the issues of VAW.

Development Partner(s)
Womankind & Comic Relief, UK through Gender Centre

2005 2010