This was a joint initiative started by Action Aid international Ghana and CEDEP to reduce the incidence of streetism in Ghana. The project focuses on needy children (orphans, abandoned children, house helps etc) living on the streets of Kumasi. A package of interventions for improving the quality of life of street children are provided as follows:


Formal education for children with ability to continue school

Employable skills and apprenticeship training trade areas of the street child’s choice and start up capital to put them into businesses

Micro-credit component to assist known parents of street children to set up businesses so that they do not throw other children onto the streets 

Continuous advocacy and lobbying of policy makers, city officials, and faith based organizations and parents to adopt measures to avoid sending more children to the streets.

Development Partner(s)
Action Aid Ghana/Ted Ruddock Foundation




$342,000/£35,000 respectively