Campaign to push government

A national campaign to push government to deliver health promises such as addressing HIV/AIDS stigma, is being spearheaded by the Alliance for Reproductive Health Rights (ARHR) and key HIV and health related civil society groups.

To kick start the campaign, the ARHR and its partners will launch a "Fair Play for Africa Campaign" in Accra on 15th April 2010 at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, to compel the government of Ghana to implement protocols and agreements on health and its related issues.

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Delivering a better future

Theresa wakes up at the first glimmer of sun in the morning. It is Monday, the beginning of the week, and the first day of class at the school where she is a teacher. She baths and feeds her two children, Kofi and Naana. Together, they walk the short distance to the school, stopping to visit an elderly woman who Theresa and her women's group at church support. When she arrives at school, Theresa gathers her forty-five class 5 pupils into the small classroom and begins a new year of lessons.

When I met Theresa in her small town just weeks ago, she struck me as one of the millions of women who deliver enormous benefits to our country, families and children every single day. Women like Theresa teach our children in school; they sell goods in the market; and they work in our banks, hospitals, and health centers. These women, increasingly left alone to their fate by absentee spouses or boyfriends, also carry and deliver our children—the future of our country.

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A New Approach To AIDS

A few weeks ago, I wrote here about our desperate need for new approaches to preventing the spread of AIDS. At the Women Deliver conference, I learned about a new way of looking at HIV prevention that may hold the key to reducing the number of new infections.

We can’t treat HIV with just one drug; we need combination therapy. Prevention needs the same approach. Combination prevention means using a wide range of HIV prevention efforts – from structural change to microbicides to education – and customizing a prevention plan for the local HIV situation.

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CHRAJ welcomes forced marriage

The Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) has welcomed the annulment of a forced marriage involving a 17-year-old Junior High School Student in Kumasi.

Muniratu Abdul Karim was married off last month to an elderly Nigerian man against her wish.

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